Mermaid Mongrel 2018

The Mermaid Mongrel event will be broken into two specific events and held on the 25th March 2018 and located at the Mermaid SLSC beachfront.


Open to juniors and adults with courses for each and will comprise of a 2km swim and a 1.8km run for adults and a 800m swim and a 800m run for juniors.

King and Queen of the Sand sprint race:

Open to juniors and adults. The King and Queen of the Sand will comprise of a 1.2km beach sprint for adults and a 800m beach sprint for juniors.


Mermaid Mongrel Adult Run/Swim (Men’s) $200
Mermaid Mongrel Adult Run/Swim (Women’s) $200
Mermaid Mongrel Juniors Run/Swim (Boys) S100
Mermaid Mongrel Juniors Run/Swim (Girls) $100
King and Queen of the Sand Adult (Men’s) $150
King and Queen of the Sand Adult (Women’s) $150
King and Queen of the Sand Juniors (Boys)  $75
King and Queen of the Sand Juniors (Women’s) $75

Money raised from the from the Mermaid Mongrel will be going toward Level Minds.

Who are Level Minds?

Level Minds is a not-for-profit organisation, formed by a group of people who want to tackle the issue of adults, youth and children suffering from PTSD, other forms of anxiety, and mental health illness. We offer several services including an informative website, hosting lots of useful information and resources for sufferers and loved ones; the Level Minds app, which is currently being developed to provide an interactive mindfulness application; and Level Minds regional groups, who meet weekly for sporting and other fitness activities, and offer a designated counsellor for extra support of group members.

Mermaid Mongrel

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